Our Family - April 2012

Our Family - April 2012
Our babies are TWO!!

First Halloween

First Halloween
Triplets Rock~ So long ago- just 6 months old in this pic. The easy days seemed so hard at the time.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Khloe Marie

Khloe Marie 4-20-2010
Khloe is our huge miracle!! Of course, all three of our babies are big miracles, however, this little girl had to fight so hard from before she was even born. Doctors never knew what her outcome would be, from saying she has trisomy 18 (a rare disorder that most babies die from inside the womb, or before their first birthday and are mentally handicapped). Khloe never had any fluid when she was in the sac (just a drop) and her brother and sister were smooching her.We never knew what she was, a total surprise is what she became. She wanted out of me, and broke my cerclage that put me in labor on April 20th. Life flighted on day 2 of her life to Memorial Hermann in the med center, where the bagged her all night, with daddy by her side. She needed a special machine (Oscillator)for her lungs that were filled with fluid and not developed. She fought so hard for her life here for 3 weeks, then we finally got her transferred back with Hunter and Emma. Lots of struggles in the NICU, but she came home on July 20, 2010- 3 months to the day they were born. Khloe came home on oxygen and a heart monitor. We had wires all over our home. Our house was their cave, and nobody came to visit except our close family/friends..with strict rules.

Our Family is all complete at Home!! (See Duke in the background..awww)

Khloe- today she is our perfect wildchild. She has absolutely nothing wrong with her, except one big temper. I will take that any day compared to where we thought she would be. God is Great.
Khloe got her BIG HARD Cast! Stayed one night at MH Hospital
First Surgery 9-15-10

2nd Hip surgery- removed cast and into the harness
October 22, 2010
At the hip doctor for a checkup

When she came home from the hospital she was on oxygen and a heart monitor, then a month later we went to the hip doctor and found that she has hip dysplasia on her right hip. She had surgery then was put in a body cast for 5 1/2 weeks. Them she wore a hip harness for 4 months!! She was a trooper though. Boy try changing a diaper like that. It was gross and difficult. She's had 3 surgeries on her hip and the past year we would see her doctor once a month. Finally on her first birthday we graduated to going every 3 months. :) Her hip is looking good, improving, but yet still his mystery case. We go back on August 28th.
Silly Khloe after her 3rd surgery, November 10, 2010
Leaving the hip doctor and going shopping with Momma
December 22, 2010

Kool Kat KK! December 2010

January 2011

Okay so back to Khloe. She has had one busy crazy, blessed life the past 2 years. Once she finally got rid of her hip harnesses, the poor thing got a helmet. Her head was flat from laying on it in the NICU for 3 months, so it was a small fix.However, she hated it!!!! She was suppose to wear it 23 hours a day. She may have worn it 8 hours on a good day. I didn't push it. Her head looks perfect today. Plus, she will always, hopefully, have hair. So no worries. :)
Medical wise she has had a lot of issues going on. From cold viruses to ear infections, to the horrible dreaded, don't even want to discuss..our big scare last August. Khloe came down with RSV and Pneumonia on August 1, 2011 and was put in the hospital at TX Children's in Katy. We spent the night with her there, where she took a turn for the worse. They transferred her by ambulance the next day to Tx Children's in the Med Center where she was put in the ICU. :( For a few days. She was here for 10 long scary days. Where Matt & I took turns spending the night. The best birthday gift ever last year, she came home the day before my birthday. I hate you RSV. The only thing good that came out of that, was she finally started sleeping in her crib. She slept in a swing (Because of her hip) for so long.

With all that said, she is doing perfect today. She is our busy body Wildcat!! She has a short fiery temper one minute, then can be the sweetest little princess the next minute.

Khloe has a hard time eating, she is very very picky. We give her 2 pedisures a day to help her gain weight. Her favorite food is Cheetos and french fries. She loves queso and guacamole also. So I try to always have fattening buttery stuff in the house for her. It's a big challenge to get her to eat, but we are working on this daily. She's come along way from 1.11 oz at birth and 11 inches long- to 21 pounds today and 33 inches.

Her Favorites~!~
Fave doll-- Elmo!! He goes everywhere with us and is even missing his eyes. She got this when she was in the ICU last year.
Fave Food: Hmmm? French Fries and Cheetos.
Fave animal: dogs and goats
Fave color: Purple
Favorite activity: Feeding the ducks, and spraying her brother & Sister with the water hose. haha!!
Fave TV Show (and the only one we watch): BARNEY
Fave word: "Oh no", Papa, Mama, mommy, daddy, Elmo
Playing dolls with Emma and playing in the toy box (She likes to sit INSIDE it, silly girl)
Khloe loves to play ball with her daddy, and will make sure he is sitting the exact way she wants him to before she starts throwing. She has a pretty good arm too.

Speaking of words, another thing that keeps us busy these days is ECI. (Early Childhood Intervention) They come see Khloe 6 times a month. 2 times for Speech Therapy and 4 times for social skills/learning development. She's already picking up on her words and starting to really copy what Emma says. For example, she said "I got it" the other day and I was so excited for her. :)
We enrolled all 3 kiddos in a place called Great Play, where they go to class every monday evening and play and learn with other children their ages. It's really starting to help. It's structured, but they make it fun. They love this place!!
God has truly blessed us with sweet Khloe, she has come so far and we know she will do amazing things in her beautiful life. We love you Khloe. You are our firecracker and you make our hearts smile.
Here are pictures of her from the past 2 years. :) Now I need to keep up with my blogging so I don't have to write so much when they turn 4!! Ha!!

Chillin with Daddy

Group shot- Feb. 19, 2011
May 24, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2011 (Notice the cords from KK..lol)

Thanksgiving 2010, We are so very blessed!!

Miracles happen!!

Christmas 2010-- LOVE HER
Our First Family Christmas 2010

Sweet KK on Christmas!!
Visiting Mama Tomica in the NICU after Christmas

Grandma K and Khloe

Our girls
January 2011
Happy Valentine's Day 2011
My Loves and me
Khloe Marie on her Baptism day- Beautiful!!!!

Khloe with her Godparents, Tammy and Jason Kapplinger and Deacon Phillips

Our Family on the babies Baptism day

Daddy & Khloe April 2, 2011
Birthday babies!! Ready for the 1st Big Birthday Party!!!!
One already!!

The Girls Princess Birthday Cake!! YUM

New Toy from Uncle Andy & Victoria

Khloe's stealing Emma's paci..haha

Opening birthday gifts!!

Khloe with mommy and the cake I made.

Cake time!!

How do I turn pics on here? Sorry!! KK and Daddy!!
Happy girl  :)

Easter Babies- Triplets First Easter

3 Generations- Granny Avis, Khloe and Me 5-14-11

Khloe & Daddy on Father's Day 2011- at Bass Pro Shop
July 4, 2011 Sisters!!

Just some silly times....


Fun! Covering Granny up with blankets!!
She loves Dogs (Grandma Kidwiler's dogs here)
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At the NICU Reunion at the Zoo

Thanksgiving baby girl-thankful for her!! 2011

New 4 wheeler from Grandma

Grandma & Khloe

Christmas 2011

We LOVE Goats!! At the Cy-Fair ISD Ag Show
Mommy and daddy's old stomping grounds.

Khloe's shirt says it ALL!!!!

Bluebonnets in Burton- April 7, 2012

Granny Avis & KK

Barney Birthday cake!! The babies are OBSESSED with Him.

At the Old Macdonald Farm- June 2012