Our Family - April 2012

Our Family - April 2012
Our babies are TWO!!

First Halloween

First Halloween
Triplets Rock~ So long ago- just 6 months old in this pic. The easy days seemed so hard at the time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great news for Miss Khloe Marie!!

Khloe is doing so awesome!! We found out last night that she no longer needs her heart monitor on her!! What a wonderful Christmas present. Although all night I kept checking on her when she was sleeping because we are so used to having the monitor. She also had a great Hip ultrasound yesterday. Hopefully in 2 weeks we can start weaning her off her hip harness. She loves it when it's bath time and we take it off..she just kicks away. The doctor says that's great because some babies do not move their legs when it comes off. GO KHLOE!! One more Khloe highlight..she got the first tooth!! We found it last Thursday!! Explains all her fussyness last week. She's so cute..she keeps rubbing her tounge over it like "what is this"? Cutie!!

Hunter & Emma are doing wonderful. Hunter rolls all over the place..no crawling yet, but I know it's coming soon. Emma likes to roll to her sides but not all the way over. She rolled over one time a few weeks ago, and I guess she didn't care for it. She's a drama queen that's for sure.

They all got their second round of RSV shots, which will help prevent them from getting the common cold over the next few months. The common cold to us, could really hurt our babies and put them in the hosptial. So we will get this shot once a month, for 4 more months. Anything to keep them Healthy and safe. At their doctor's appointment they weighed the following:
Hunter: 17.2 lbs.
Emma: 14.9 lbs.
Khloe: 11.7 lbs.
Getting big fast!! :)

Tomorrow Matt and I are taking them to see my doctor who made this all possible and gave us our Miracles. We are also going to the NICU for a visit. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

LONG Time without posting..starting new!

Okay so we have been pretty busy and I have not kept a blog. No worries though, we have been keeping up with milestone movements in the baby book!!

Guess I should start fresh! The babies were born on April 20, 2010. Hunter Matthew weighing 2.13oz, Emma Marie weighing 2.2lbs, and Khloe Marie weighing 1.11oz. I was put in the hosptial on a Friday before they were born due to cramping and heavy bleeding. They had me on steriods to prevent labor and pain medicine all weekend. On Monday we thought they may stay in me another week or so. Dr. Levin was wonderful and did everything she could to keep the babies from coming. However, on Tuesday morning little Khloe thought it was time to make her appearance and she broke my cerclage..and all of a sudden I'm in Labor. OUCH!!!! LOTS OF PAIN. Very scary!! Matt & I were so afraid because it was way too early. We knew we were in Good Hands though and just had to Trust God and pray. Out they came. Beautiful babies!! They were rushed to the NICU, with lots of worries on Khloe. She was so tiny and had a big fight. However, she faught so hard. Everyone reading this blog knows pretty much what we went through at the beginning of Khloe's life. She was life flighted on Day 3to the Med Center, Childrens Memorial..and faught so hard there. Her lungs were failing. After we baptised her, she was a true fighter!! She spent 3 weeks at that hospital. It was hard going back and forth from Hospital to hospital but you do what you have to do to see your babies!!

Emma & Hunter had small premie issues but nothing major. Hunter always forgot to breathe..well that is major!! But it was a male thing with premies. We spent every day with our babies. Tomica and the nurses there became family to us. They were wonderful and taught us how to care for our babies!! The NICU was hard but we were in good company. The nurses always made us laugh and we felt at home there. Hunter was always making everyone laugh. Emma was very calm there..and Khloe..well her NICU nickname is WILDCAT if that tells you anything!! :)

So Emma came home 78 days later, on June 15th. Oh my was I scared and watched her sleep all night as I slept on the Nursery floor!! What a beautiful little girl!!
Emma and I would pack up and go see Hunter & Khloe most days! :)

Hunter came home on June 25..he was a trip. He came home on a heart monitor. I actually liked it b/c I knew he was okay. It was our Safety blanket. So now we would all take trips up to the hosptial to see Miss Khloe. I knew she was in good hands with Tomica and the nurses, Matt would go daily up there..but I made it up there about 3 or 4 times a week with the babies.

Our family was complete at home on July 20, exactly 3 months to the day and Khloe came home!! She was only 4.10 oz.!! We were SO HAPPY!!!! All the work ahead didn't matter when you have all the babies home safely finally!! It was sad leaving the Nicu family..tears were shed..but I knew we would see them often. Khloe came home on a heart monitor and Oxygen. The oxygen was what worried me..making sure I had NO candles lit in the home, etc. But we got use to it.

So my next post will go into our awesome journey of having our babies home and all the fun we are having watching them grow. What true miracles God has blessed us with!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 25 starts tomorrow!! Yeah!!

I have not posted in awhile!! I'm kinda a private person, and when I found out that I had a lot of people viewing our blog that I didn't know..or barely know, it felt weird. But now I realize that so many people care about us and our babies and just want to know how the babies are doing. Matt says our babies are famous..haha!! Not many people can say they are pregnant with triplets....and boy do I feel like I have triplets inside of me!! They are moving around and kicking me so much!! Baby B..the boy, is WILD!! He wakes me up in the middle of the night twisting and turning. I love it though, because then I know they are okay and getting big!!

Our week 24 ultrasound (huge mildstone) was last wednesday and it went great!! My mom and Matt's mom both went and got to see their grandbabies!! We were happy to hear that I didn't need to go to Hermann for hospital bedrest!! The babies are growing great. Baby B is 1 lb. 10oz (average), Baby C is 1 lb. 5 oz. (still average) and Baby A is 15 oz. It's so tiny and we watch her closely. She/he is staying strong. Still has low fluid in the placenta, but at least she/he has some and has grown. That ultrasound took 2.5 hours. I felt horrible the entire time, (passed out in the waiting room) ultrasounds are getting harder and harder!! We go to the doctor for my exam and to the high risk UT doctor for an ultrasound every wednesday!! Tomorrow we are 25 weeks!! Yeah!! We need to make it 5 more weeks. The average triplet pregnancy is 32 weeks! So I have been living in my bed and only getting up to go to the bathroom..whatever it takes to get the babies here safe.
Thank you God for getting us this far, and for our miracle babies!!!! :)
~~Grow Babies Grow~~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

22 week belly -- looks so much bigger in person!! This camera is awesome!! HAHA!! I need to measure my belly, but I'm scared, it's better not knowing.

Happy Anniversary to us, 8 years!!

Wow, 8 years ago today we got married!! Yeah!!!! God has blessed us in so many ways, with 3 more beautiful blessings on the way!! We can't wait to start the next chapter in our life together!! I wish we could go out and celebrate, but we will once the babies are here. We have so much to celebrate already!!

22 weeks (and 4 days) doctors appointment went great yesterday!! All the babies have strong heartbeats, and Baby A is doing good, she had a little more fluid in her placenta, so that was good news. She's staying strong!! My exam went good to. And now of course today I am bleeding so much, so I'm worried. I'm pretty sure it's just the placenta previa, but I did call the doctor.

Next week is our big UT ultrasound, it will determine a lot of things that we have been concerned about, so the countdown begins for that appointment!!
Here is my 22 week belly!! Matt agrees that I am much bigger in person. Aww so sweet!! But so true!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21 week appointment

I had my 21 week appointment yesterday and the babies and I are doing good. All 3 have strong heartbeats. Baby A is staying strong, even though she's so smooched in there. Baby B is 15 ounces, as of last wednesday at the high risk ultrasound. Almost a pound!! Baby C is 12 ounces, and Baby A is 10 oz. Baby B needs to share his food with the girls!!!! I was in the hospital last week because the doctor thought I may have an infection, so I was on IV antibiotics for 3 days. Everything is fine, and I'm on medicine at home now. I do miss the nurses at the hospital, they are great there. I had the same ones from when I was there at week 16. Bedrest is beyond super strict. I'm thankful for Matt, my Mom and our families for helping us SO much!!Please God keep the babies healthy and safe in me for another 6 weeks!! ~Grow Babies Grow~

Monday, February 22, 2010

24 more hours till my doctors appoinment!!!!

I look forward to my doctor's appointments for two main reasons. First, I get to see the babies on the ultrasound and calm my worries. Second, I get out of the house and get to see the outside world!! It's our 20 week mark, yeah!!!! I'm nervous about tomorrow's appointment because I had a lot of bleeding yesterday, and then my side cramping last week. But like my friend told me, it's all in God's hands, and I'm doing everything right!! Just praying hard that our special babies are okay, healthy, and growing. This is a true miracle for Matt and I, and we are so excited and feel so blessed about our future family of 7!! (gotta include my furry babies, Cody and Duke)
Please God let tomorrow go great, and let Wednesday's high risk ulrasound go great!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

18 weeks & 4 days doctor appointment

After worrying for the past two weeks since my hospital visit, I finally got to go to the doctor today!! Aunt Shara and Grandpa Kidwiler came with us too. My cervix looks really good and all of the babies look wonderful. Baby "A" had a heartrate of 160, Baby "B" is 143, and Baby "C" is 153. All great!!!! What a blessing!! Baby C is for sure a girl and Baby B is a boy, and baby A is a mystery.. a nice suprise!! Everything looked good on me, and we will get my swab results back in 2 days.. I hope the infection is gone. I will keep on resting and keeping the babies safe. I have to wear tight circulation medical hose to help the circulation (duh) and we always joke that Cody (my dog) needs them too, because he lays right by me day and night. 15 days until my next appt. and 16 days until the long high risk ultrasound!! I can't wait!! Thank you God for keeping the babies safe!!!! I will get pictures up soon.. my belly is getting big!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

feeling bad.. worried

Okay tonight I have had a lot of pelvic cramping and bleeding. I can't wait to go to the doctor tomorrow. I am so worried about the babies. That's all I do is worry and think. Maybe I should have taken more classes this semester.. but I only needed one to graduate.

God, please bless our babies and let all three of them be safe and healthy inside me!! Please let tomorrow's visit go good. Thank you God!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cody & Duke

So bored on bedrest and I feel so bad for my babies Cody & Duke. We use to go on long walks everyday and I think we are all missing that!! They are probably wondering whats wrong with me!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crazy week

On Tuesday, January 26 we had some issues. I sat down to eat my dinner and felt a lot of blood come out of me, then went to the bathroom where I could not leave because of the bleeding. I called my doctor and she had me go to the emergency room. We were so worried and scared for the babies and had no clue what was going on. I thought they were all gone, and just kept praying. They did bloodwork, and other test, then a long ultrasound. We had to wait forever for the doctors to read the ultrasound, and they wanted me to lay in the bed and rest and not get up for anything. Poor Matt had to sleep on this little bitty fold out bed thing they have, and my mom went home for the night. Finally at 7 Am my doctor came in with results and it looked like Baby "A" was having problems, that maybe her water had broke, or the placenta had a tear. So they ran more test that day, and at 1PM we had the High Risk Ultrasound with the UT doctors again. So scared!!!! Great results for the babies though. All the heartrates and placentas looked good. However, Baby "A", her placenta is sitting right next to and rubbing against my cervix. She needs to move upward in the Uterus. This is called Placenta Previa, and it's why I have been bleeding. When it rubs against the cervix it irritates it and I bleed. There is also a bloodclot behind the placenta which is where bleeding is also coming from, this should go away on it's own, slowly. I also have a bacteria infection that causes preterm labor. So they have me on medicine for that. I got released from the hospital on Thursday (they really had good food though, and all my nurses were so nice). I know what to lookout for and what blood is safe, and what's not. I'm now on Super Strict bedrest, to the bathroom and bed only. Cody, my baby dog, has not left my side. Matt is being a wonderful nurse, I feel so bad that he has to wait on me hand and foot. He brings me my breakfast every morning in bed, and fills up an ice chest for my lunch and snacks..then my Mom or Scott will be coming over to fix my dinner. It's going to be a long road, but I will do whatever it takes to keep the Triplets safe. I pray and pray to make it to week 28!! That will be April 15th. Only 77 more days to go. Please keep the babies in your prayers. We need them to hang on tight!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

14 weeks belly

Here is my belly at week 14. I started with a 23 inch waist and I am now at 30 inches. Getting close to Matt. :)

First day to blog, 16 weeks and 5 days

I wanted to start my blog now so family and friends can keep up with how the babies and myself are doing. So far it's been a crazy road, but we are all hanging in there and praying for week 30!! My wonderful doctor, Dr. Sherri Levin, put me on bedrest at week 12 because I had been bleeding since week 8. (light bleeding) I had a cerclage (stiches) in to keep my cervix closed at week 10 and ever since then I have been bleeding about every other day. It's hard to see blood because I constantly wonder if it's the safe one that Dr. Levin said would be okay or if there is something wrong. We have made it to week 16 now and feel so blessed. I love having the babies inside of me and I'm growing so attached to them. I pray for them everyday and I know we are in God's hands....and that Granny Kleiber is sitting by God praying for the babies and me. Granny passed away at my week 6 mark, which was very hard to understand. She prayed for Matt & I to get pregnant everyday, and now here we are with Triplets, and she can't enjoy it. However, I know she's their angel!!

We had our high risk ultrasound with the UT Doctors on January 20 and all of the babies are growing great, for sure one is boy. The other 2 we are not for sure yet. For the past 6 days, since that 2.5 hour ultrasound, I have been bleeding every single day, mostly at night, and there's a lot of it. So I have been in my bed resting and trying to only get up for food, bathroom, shower, and umm..more food. :) I went to the doctor on Friday, day 2 of bleeding and everything was okay, that it's my irritated cervix causing the bleeding. I have to eat a lot of calories for the babies..I have had all kinds of things that I have not had in years!! I had an order of French Fries from Chili's on Sunday, and now everyday I have been craving them. Mostly though I want all my heatlhy foods.

Matt & I are so excited and feel so blessed about our Triplets coming. We are slowly cleaning out the guest bedroom and (or Matt is..not me..haha..) and getting the room ready. I will be on strict bedrest soon, so we want stuff done before then.

I look forward to sharing our journey with everyone. Please, please keep our babies in your prayers that they make it to week 30 and more. :)
~Adding a picture of Granny Kleiber, first post is in memory of her..because without all of her praying and support and angel spirit we would probably not be here today. Love you & miss you.