Our Family - April 2012

Our Family - April 2012
Our babies are TWO!!

First Halloween

First Halloween
Triplets Rock~ So long ago- just 6 months old in this pic. The easy days seemed so hard at the time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

LONG Time without posting..starting new!

Okay so we have been pretty busy and I have not kept a blog. No worries though, we have been keeping up with milestone movements in the baby book!!

Guess I should start fresh! The babies were born on April 20, 2010. Hunter Matthew weighing 2.13oz, Emma Marie weighing 2.2lbs, and Khloe Marie weighing 1.11oz. I was put in the hosptial on a Friday before they were born due to cramping and heavy bleeding. They had me on steriods to prevent labor and pain medicine all weekend. On Monday we thought they may stay in me another week or so. Dr. Levin was wonderful and did everything she could to keep the babies from coming. However, on Tuesday morning little Khloe thought it was time to make her appearance and she broke my cerclage..and all of a sudden I'm in Labor. OUCH!!!! LOTS OF PAIN. Very scary!! Matt & I were so afraid because it was way too early. We knew we were in Good Hands though and just had to Trust God and pray. Out they came. Beautiful babies!! They were rushed to the NICU, with lots of worries on Khloe. She was so tiny and had a big fight. However, she faught so hard. Everyone reading this blog knows pretty much what we went through at the beginning of Khloe's life. She was life flighted on Day 3to the Med Center, Childrens Memorial..and faught so hard there. Her lungs were failing. After we baptised her, she was a true fighter!! She spent 3 weeks at that hospital. It was hard going back and forth from Hospital to hospital but you do what you have to do to see your babies!!

Emma & Hunter had small premie issues but nothing major. Hunter always forgot to breathe..well that is major!! But it was a male thing with premies. We spent every day with our babies. Tomica and the nurses there became family to us. They were wonderful and taught us how to care for our babies!! The NICU was hard but we were in good company. The nurses always made us laugh and we felt at home there. Hunter was always making everyone laugh. Emma was very calm there..and Khloe..well her NICU nickname is WILDCAT if that tells you anything!! :)

So Emma came home 78 days later, on June 15th. Oh my was I scared and watched her sleep all night as I slept on the Nursery floor!! What a beautiful little girl!!
Emma and I would pack up and go see Hunter & Khloe most days! :)

Hunter came home on June 25..he was a trip. He came home on a heart monitor. I actually liked it b/c I knew he was okay. It was our Safety blanket. So now we would all take trips up to the hosptial to see Miss Khloe. I knew she was in good hands with Tomica and the nurses, Matt would go daily up there..but I made it up there about 3 or 4 times a week with the babies.

Our family was complete at home on July 20, exactly 3 months to the day and Khloe came home!! She was only 4.10 oz.!! We were SO HAPPY!!!! All the work ahead didn't matter when you have all the babies home safely finally!! It was sad leaving the Nicu family..tears were shed..but I knew we would see them often. Khloe came home on a heart monitor and Oxygen. The oxygen was what worried me..making sure I had NO candles lit in the home, etc. But we got use to it.

So my next post will go into our awesome journey of having our babies home and all the fun we are having watching them grow. What true miracles God has blessed us with!!