Our Family - April 2012

Our Family - April 2012
Our babies are TWO!!

First Halloween

First Halloween
Triplets Rock~ So long ago- just 6 months old in this pic. The easy days seemed so hard at the time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emma's tooth

Emma is getting her first tooth!! We found it on January 4th. It's barely there, but it's causing her a little pain. I'm sure Hunter's is coming..he's been a grumpy guy lately.

The babies are doing wonderful!! I took Khloe to the Hip Doctor on Thursday and she had her 3rd normal ultrasound in a row!! Go Khloe!! :)
So this means we get to wear her hip harness for 12 hours at night while she sleeps, and she gets it off during the day. She's on Day 2 of no harness and is kicking her legs and having fun. It's very good that she kicks them. Some babies don't, and that would be a huge concern.

We had a wonderful first Christmas with the babies. What a beautiful memory. Christmas at both Grandma's homes. Thank God they live close and we didn't have to pack overnight bags because my Armada was FULL of baby toys, 2 diaper bags, travel bouncer, etc. It was insane. So thanks Moms for living 10 minutes away!! Yea!!

The babies are rolling around and getting so big. Hunter rolls over, and back and he's Almost sitting up. They are just a little behind since they are premies, but they will catch up. We have Physical Therapy coming on January 31st to help them sit up and do other things. They love sitting in the Baby Einstein play jumpers and rolling around in their play cars. We have a lot of fun.

I'm so thankful for my Mom, Matt's Mom & Dad, and my brother & Erin for helping us so much!! They all take turns coming over at night to help me bathe the babies and put them to bed. Without them, I would be a very tired Mommy. The babies sleep all night..most nights and we start our day around 7:30am or 8am. Usually it's 8am. Some nights they wake up and we put pacifiers in and they are fine, but occasionally we have wild nights. Thank God that's not to often. :)