Our Family - April 2012

Our Family - April 2012
Our babies are TWO!!

First Halloween

First Halloween
Triplets Rock~ So long ago- just 6 months old in this pic. The easy days seemed so hard at the time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

14 weeks belly

Here is my belly at week 14. I started with a 23 inch waist and I am now at 30 inches. Getting close to Matt. :)

First day to blog, 16 weeks and 5 days

I wanted to start my blog now so family and friends can keep up with how the babies and myself are doing. So far it's been a crazy road, but we are all hanging in there and praying for week 30!! My wonderful doctor, Dr. Sherri Levin, put me on bedrest at week 12 because I had been bleeding since week 8. (light bleeding) I had a cerclage (stiches) in to keep my cervix closed at week 10 and ever since then I have been bleeding about every other day. It's hard to see blood because I constantly wonder if it's the safe one that Dr. Levin said would be okay or if there is something wrong. We have made it to week 16 now and feel so blessed. I love having the babies inside of me and I'm growing so attached to them. I pray for them everyday and I know we are in God's hands....and that Granny Kleiber is sitting by God praying for the babies and me. Granny passed away at my week 6 mark, which was very hard to understand. She prayed for Matt & I to get pregnant everyday, and now here we are with Triplets, and she can't enjoy it. However, I know she's their angel!!

We had our high risk ultrasound with the UT Doctors on January 20 and all of the babies are growing great, for sure one is boy. The other 2 we are not for sure yet. For the past 6 days, since that 2.5 hour ultrasound, I have been bleeding every single day, mostly at night, and there's a lot of it. So I have been in my bed resting and trying to only get up for food, bathroom, shower, and umm..more food. :) I went to the doctor on Friday, day 2 of bleeding and everything was okay, that it's my irritated cervix causing the bleeding. I have to eat a lot of calories for the babies..I have had all kinds of things that I have not had in years!! I had an order of French Fries from Chili's on Sunday, and now everyday I have been craving them. Mostly though I want all my heatlhy foods.

Matt & I are so excited and feel so blessed about our Triplets coming. We are slowly cleaning out the guest bedroom and (or Matt is..not me..haha..) and getting the room ready. I will be on strict bedrest soon, so we want stuff done before then.

I look forward to sharing our journey with everyone. Please, please keep our babies in your prayers that they make it to week 30 and more. :)
~Adding a picture of Granny Kleiber, first post is in memory of her..because without all of her praying and support and angel spirit we would probably not be here today. Love you & miss you.