Our Family - April 2012

Our Family - April 2012
Our babies are TWO!!

First Halloween

First Halloween
Triplets Rock~ So long ago- just 6 months old in this pic. The easy days seemed so hard at the time.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 Months old today!!

The triplets are 10 months old today, time is flying by too fast!!!! They are all doing wonderful, and are healthy. Thank you God!! We are so blessed. Hunter is weighing almost 19 pounds, Emma is 16.10lbs., Khloe is 12.14 lbs. They eat baby food..the favorite is apple banana mixed with oatmeal and also plain bananas. We are still working on getting Khloe to eat babyfood by the spoon. Grandma Kidwiler bought the infant feeder, and she will eat it through that. :) Yeah!! Maybe she will gain more weight now. I could not do this without our family. My Mom, and Matt's Mom and Dad help us SO MUCH. We are SO Lucky to have such awesome parents!!!! Thank you guys!!
Khloe is out of her hip harness and doing great. We only have to go to the Doctor once a month now!! We have physical Therapy twice a month and Occupational Therapy twice a month. They show me a lot of great tricks!!
Hunter scoots all over the floor, but he can't figure it out yet to pick up the back legs and crawl. But he will scoot everywhere, like a fish!! Everyone is sitting up now!! They LOVE playing on their new playmat, we made a small part of the living room a play area with a cushiony floor from Babies R Us. They love it!! We now get up early. I was spoiled when they would wake up at 8am for MONTHS. Now it's around 6:45am or 7am. But they just want to play on the mat, so it gets me ready for bottles, etc.

Attached is their Valentine picture!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

What's wrong with Me?

Well I'm getting tired of feeling bad, and sick of doctors telling me it's just anxiety. Yes..I have that..but I try to control it with running/walking/lifting weights. I have seen my General Dr. and she said it's anxiety. I have seen a Neurologist and he said I have muscle tention in my neck. I really am scared and wondering if they are right. Time to get a second opinion. I have bad numbing on the left side of my face, and the left side of my head. I get tingling headaches in the same spot..on the left side. I get dizzy, weak and feel like I have no strength. My head scares me..I'm so worried I'm going to pass out on the babies. Ever since I had the babies I have felt so different. It's strange..but I'm determined to find out what is wrong. After typing this post I'm calling for a 2nd opinion with different doctors I have been referred to...while the babies nap. :) Gotta get better for the babies!! I love them to much to let something happen to me and not be here for them.

Still Missing Duke terribly. We don't understand why God took him. Last night we met with our Deacon at the Church to go over the babies Baptism information, and he talked to us about Duke (because Peggy told him). It was good to talk to him about it. We took the babies and Cody to visit his grave this past weekend in Burton, and put flowers on it. He has such a pretty spot....and it's my favorite place on earth. We are hoping to live there in 10 years. It's just so hard without him here. He was way too young to die. :( Khloe is getting a helmet soon..and she would have been so prepared for his big old tail hitting her.

The babies are doing AWESOME!! Khloe no longer has to wear her hip harness. She had a perfect Hip X-Ray on Friday. And their 9 month check up went great. Emma finally got her RSV shot. Everybody else had theirs last week. So now she's a week behind..but that's not too bad. I'm glad they all got them.

We had ECI come to the house this morning for Occupational Therapy. They say Emma & Hunter do not need it..they are doing great. So we will work with Khloe 2 times a month with them. Also, tomorrow Physical Therapy is coming for all the babies. :) I'm glad other people will be here to help us play and show me some tricks.
Emma & Hunter are sitting up really good now. :) They reach for toys in their toy box too!! SO CUTE!!

Thank You God for our Healthy babies!! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rest In Peace our Best Friend Duke

Yesterday was such a hard hard day for us. I woke up to find Duke had passed away early Sunday morning. I had heard him crying in the garage when I was feeding the babies at 3:30am, and I told him to hush, he looked fine. Ijsut thought he wanted inside, he was in the garage where he sleeps when it is cold outside. Then he cried a little more and stopped. I guess that's when he passed away. Oh if I would have known he was in pain I would have sat there with him to calm him down, or I would have woke up Matt to take him to the Vet. Oh if I would have known he was dying I would have been there for my baby boy. If I would have known I would not have "hushed him". omg my poor bubba. But I had to take care of the triplets b/c they were upset. And now Matt & I are so heartbroken, the pain is killing us so bad. We miss you Duke. May you rest in Peace in Burton at our land where you loved to go dove hunting. We love you bubba. xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Finally a Hunter update..usually the girls rule the blog. So we are trying to get them to sleep in the crib and Hunter did it last night!! :) SO proud of him. I layed him down after he fell asleep in the swing (He has acid reflux so we have to keep him propped up for 30 to 45 minutes) then moved him into the crib. Everynow and then he would wake up and start to cry but I didn't want him to wake up Emma, so I stopped it right away by rubbing his belly and putting the paci in. Everything worked, and I had to wake him up at 8:30 this morning to eat breakfast. Emma stayed in her crib until 2am. She was not having it, so she slept the rest of the night in her swing. She will be a gradual process..but hopefully in the next few days she will make it all night. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Khloe rolled over for the first time today!!

GO KHLOE GO!! This little girl is strong!! She just rolled over 4 times in 5 minutes!! So Exciting!!

SO we are trying to get the babies to sleep in their cribs. Not a fun time in the Kidwiler house. The babies have been sleeping in their swings because they do not like the beds for some reason. (spoiled maybe?! My fault..oops) SO we went with this because when you have 3 babies, you do what you do to get sleep. Well now this has become a bad habit and Hunter is getting too big for the swing soon. So we thought we would start working on the Crib sleeping. OH My how hard this is. I feel like a bad bad mommy. I Have heard from many Triplet moms to do the "Cry it out" method. Where you go in after 5 minutes of crying to check on them, pat them on the belly, calm them, walk out..then wait 7 minutes, do the same, then 10 min. and do the same..then 15 minutes..and so on. I was told after 45 minutes they should be asleep. SO we tried this last night. HA 45 minutes..whatever!! They cried for one hour and 30 minutes. BUT FIRST I must say they did sleep from 10:30PM to 11:50PM. GO BABIES!! That was good. I was getting excited..then the storm hit. Oh my gosh it was so hard..I was upset in the hallway!! I tried to keep preoccupied, but that was hard to do. I even did an ab workout, washed dishes, folded clothes. THEN Matt got home at 12:30am..poor guy coming into a LOUD house after a long day at work. So then we tried to keep them going in the crib. Well at 1:30 we were feeding babies, and they were knocked out cold....in their swings. SO We try again tonight???? I will try!! Wish us luck and no tears!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emma's tooth

Emma is getting her first tooth!! We found it on January 4th. It's barely there, but it's causing her a little pain. I'm sure Hunter's is coming..he's been a grumpy guy lately.

The babies are doing wonderful!! I took Khloe to the Hip Doctor on Thursday and she had her 3rd normal ultrasound in a row!! Go Khloe!! :)
So this means we get to wear her hip harness for 12 hours at night while she sleeps, and she gets it off during the day. She's on Day 2 of no harness and is kicking her legs and having fun. It's very good that she kicks them. Some babies don't, and that would be a huge concern.

We had a wonderful first Christmas with the babies. What a beautiful memory. Christmas at both Grandma's homes. Thank God they live close and we didn't have to pack overnight bags because my Armada was FULL of baby toys, 2 diaper bags, travel bouncer, etc. It was insane. So thanks Moms for living 10 minutes away!! Yea!!

The babies are rolling around and getting so big. Hunter rolls over, and back and he's Almost sitting up. They are just a little behind since they are premies, but they will catch up. We have Physical Therapy coming on January 31st to help them sit up and do other things. They love sitting in the Baby Einstein play jumpers and rolling around in their play cars. We have a lot of fun.

I'm so thankful for my Mom, Matt's Mom & Dad, and my brother & Erin for helping us so much!! They all take turns coming over at night to help me bathe the babies and put them to bed. Without them, I would be a very tired Mommy. The babies sleep all night..most nights and we start our day around 7:30am or 8am. Usually it's 8am. Some nights they wake up and we put pacifiers in and they are fine, but occasionally we have wild nights. Thank God that's not to often. :)